Van Beethoven

Notes of the show<>

The space created by the movement. Air currents sculpt it. Quality currents. Each dancer is one: clear and permeable, he moves it. The encounters are anamorphoses, unexpected appearances of emotional events shaped, like music, with qualities in the air. In Van Beethoven the dance appeals to all the energies of the body to arouse a wide, urgent, deep and light breath to carry towards a joy of the human, the joy of being carried by beauty.

Duration 35 minuti


Choreography and direction by Silvia Bertoncelli
With Francesca Bedin, Sara Cavalieri, Jessica D’Angelo, Mirko Paparusso
Music: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Lights: Claudio Modugno, Silvia Bertoncelli

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production
Co-productionFestival Danza in rete 2019 and Festival Lasciateci Sognare 2019
With the support of Mibac, Regione Veneto, Comune di Vicenza, Arco Danza



“It looks to the lightness of the pleasure of dancing, it is the newest creation of Silvia Bertoncelli, Van Beethoven: a playful and cheerful choreographer who meet moments of happy harmony due to her modular and beauty composition, shy away from any musical descriptivism.”
A.S. / Il Giornale di Vicenza

Technical details<>

Coreography by Silvia Bertoncelli
Production 2019
Staff: 4 dancers, 1 choreographer, 1 technician
Tout public
For stage or site specific indoors in unconventional spaces
Complete video of the show available on request