Notes of the show<>

Dance show for children, but not only

The boat’s floating afloat and faithfully flying over the flood, Fast finding its way, fancing fair features for fairies and ferries. Without failure fast forward it goes and focuses on infrequent faces, Fighting fancy forces and fatal foes it goes. Sailors, pirates, dismantled sirens, re-assembled seagulls and captains, assembled fishes and fishermen. The imaginary sea is narrated to children through dance. The lighthouse is at distance and down in the ship hold or at the dock, while somebody is singing or sleeping, unespected meetings take place amongst incredible creatures. Naveneva tells about the sea and turns the sea tales into a new marine bestiary.

Duration 50 minutes


Director: Silvia Bertoncelli
Performers: Silvia Bertoncelli, Sara Cavalieri e Paolo Ottoboni  
Set designer: Antonio Panzuto
Costumes designer Lucia Lapolla
Light designer: Luca Diodato

A Naturalis Labor production
With Bassano Operaestate Festival
With the support Mibac / Arco Danza / Regione Veneto / Comune di Vicenza / Arco Danza



Deep sights of Venetian Theatre.
See and watch… at the Venetian Theatre Festival Sguardi. Four days, thirty plays. We choose to write about Naveneva by Naturalis Labor Company; a play that creates under the eyes of the audience a childish and surreal world full of impressive imaginative suggestions and with a scent of archaeology and discovery… Naveneva is an existential travel and a travel for the knowledge… What really matters is to discover a route to go and not a place where to stop. Don’t stop sailing, don’t stop loosing the way, trying again.
Tommaso Chimenti / Il Fatto Quotidiano

Technical details<>

A creation by Silvia Bertoncelli
Production 2019
Duration: 50 minutes
Staff: 3 dancer and 1 technician
Stage: 9 mt x 7 mt minimum
Possbile site specific outdoor or indoor