Our history

  • 1988

    The company was founded in December 1988 on the occasion of participation in the Cagliari choreography competition. The company was founded by Luciano Padovani and Francesca Mosele. Marina Giacometti, dancer, will follow them from the beginning. Taigà is the choreography by Luciano Padovani and Francesca Mosele who wins the 1st prize at the 'International Choreography Competition of Cagliari'. Thus began the adventure of Naturalis Labor. The name of the company is chosen by Francesca and refers to the deeper meaning of what dance was / is for us: a work of the body, a naturalis labor.

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    Poveri diavoli, poveri angeli a co-production Teatro Comunale di Thiene, debuts
    . Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani and Francesca Mosele / for four dancers.

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  • 1991

    Makes its debut at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza Ciel de fer under the patronage of the Belgian Embassy Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani, muische by Diego Dall'Osto, sets by Mauro Zocchetta, costumes by Stefania Muraro with Saverio Tasca on percussion and with the Polyphonic Choir del Basso Vicentino directed by Maestro Maurizio Fipponi.

    The DanzAlcione review begins, curated by the company for a few seasons for the Alcione Theater in Verona. The collaboration and friendship with the director, actor and director Paolo Valerio begins.

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    Hotel Lux has its national premiere in Bassano Operaestate, the first co-production of the festival directed by Rosa Sapin. Also co-produced by the Alcione Theater of Verona. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani Music by Diego Dall’Osto, sets by Mauro Zocchetta, costumes by Stefania Muraro.

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    Passatempo for Monteverdi Festival in Mantua, directed by Walter Pagliaro.

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  • 1994

    Laudabilis, The night of the king Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani / co-production of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza costumes by Lucia Lapolla, sets by Mauro Zocchetta. The show will have the support of Arc Linea and Pal Zileri.

    The company is committed to the choreography of Rigoletto al Bassano.

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    Timone d’Atene is the project that arises from the collaboration of Luciano Padovani and Riccardo Brazzale director of the Lydian Sound Orchestra: The show will be co-produced by Operaestate di Bassano and Pergine Spettacolo Aperto Festival. Leading actor Paolo Valerio, music director Riccardo Brazzale.

    For the occasion, the CD of the music of the show was released (Arr. Brazzale on the original music by Duke Ellington).

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  • 1996

    Tutte le mattine del mondo is the project that Luciano Padovani realizes with Naturalis Labor for the Concerts in Villa review of the Province of Vicenza. Live music with the Baroque Orchestra of Bologna.

    Traviata Operaestate di Bassano directed by Ulisse Santicchi.

    Le historie de Ivàn.The excerpts of Laudabilis and Hotel Lux are re-proposed in a diptych evening. An intense national tour begins.

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    Quando il viaggio fu interrotto.

    The excerpts of Laudabilis and Hotel Lux are re-proposed in a diptych evening. An intense national tour begins.

    The company is recognized by the Dance Commission of the Ministry as a reality of national importance. From this year the company will be supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

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  • 1998

    Passione is staged at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. A co-production of the Olympic Theater and the Abano Danza Festival (directed by Dr. Bruno Francisci). RaiClassic broadcasts an extract from the show which will be a huge success.

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    The company with the support of the Municipality of Vicenza promotes and organizes Progetto Danza. Meetings, internships, shows and a national conference.

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  • 2000

    In principio è la mia fine, the company is engaged in the new work by Paolo Valerio which debuts at the Teatro Camploy in Verona.

    Enrico V, co-production of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza and the Segni Barocchi Festival. For five dancers. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani and sets by Mauro Zocchetta. Texts by Roberto Cuppone with Patricia Zanco narrator. The same year the company promotes the Veneto Region Professional Training Course for dancers supported by the Veneto Region and the Cariverona Foundation.

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    2, Rue des Pommes, a co-production by Festival Oriente Occidente, AbanoDanza and Operaestate Festival. A duet that steals the hearts of many spectators. Luciano Padovani and Silvia Gribaudi dance. The tour of the show begins in Italy and abroad (Germany, Austria) for more than eighty dates.

    As part of The Night of the Museums promoted by the Trentino APt, the company creates Portraits fin de siècle traveling show inside the rooms of the Albere Museum for the Zandomeneghi, De Nittis and Boldini exhibition.

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  • 2002

    The collaboration with La Notte dei Musei in Trentino continues: The Flying Prince makes his debut at the A. Caproni Aviation Museum in Trento and Ein Spiel - Various Humanities at the Cavalese Museum of Contemporary Art.

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    Tempus Fugit is the urban dance show created on the occasion of the centenary of the Serenissima and presented for a few evenings at Palazzo Barbaran da Porto (Vicenza).

    Il mistero dell’acquaa site-specific show created as part of the In aqua et in montibus vita exhibition at the Terme di Rabbi (TN).

    Au Revoir co-production Operaestate Festival Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovan debuts.

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  • 2004

    The adventure of the Forti in scena begins on stage which will end in 2015 and which will initially involve the municipalities of Asiago, Valli del Pasubio, Roana and Vicenza and then over the years will expand to involve dozens of municipalities from the various provinces of the region. A tribute to the Great War.

    Notte Barocca a show of urban dance at Palazzo Bellini in Comacchio (FE) Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani. The collaboration with the Municipality of Comacchio begins thanks to the sensitivity of the manager to Culture then Deputy Mayor Gianni Persanti. For the Municipality of Comacchio we will carry out for years Danza a Comacchio, as well as numerous creations in residence.

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    We debut with the first dance and tango show, Declaraciòn co-produced by the Festival Danzaestate of Bergamo and the Municipality of Comacchio.

    The show will be sold out in many Italian theaters.

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  • 2006

    The company makes its debut at the Teatro Sociale di Trento with La Catedral, a co-production of the Oriente Occidente Festival. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani, original music by Carlo Carcano, sets by Mauro Zocchetta, costumes by Chiara Defant, lights by Lucilla Baroni. A project realized thanks to the sensitivity of the directors of the festival Paolo Manfrini and Lanfranco Cis.

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    The new work by Silvia Bertoncelli and Marta Bevilacqua, Chicken, debuts at Abano Danza Festival.

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  • 2008

    Racconti di Guerre site specifc created for the Forti festival on stage.

    Alma de tango with the quintet Quejas de Bandoneon and some of the best European tangueros. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani.

    Le Grand Tango, Concerti in Villa co-production. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani.

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    Forti in scena turns out to be a festival very popular with the public. More and more municipalities in various Venetian provinces are joining this show, culture and tourism project. The Great War and its places come to life through dance, music and theater.

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  • 2010

    Noche tanguera made his debut in Verona with the quintet Quejas de bandoneon. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani. On stage the same choreographer with some of the best Argentine and Italian tangueros. A mix of dance and tango that conquers the public for its originality.

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    Que reste-t-il de nos amours? is the co-production Teatro Verdi of Pisa and Bassano Operaestate Festival Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani, costumes by Lucia Lapolla, music by Carlo Carcano.

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  • 2012

    Vicenza becomes the protagonist of the first Night of Dance which is a great success with the public. The initiative conceived by Luciano Padovani will also be resumed in subsequent years.

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    It makes its debut at the Operaestate Festival in Bassano Naveneva, a new work for children signed by Silvia Bertoncelli. Costumes Lucia Lapolla, Scenes by Antonio Panzuto, original music by Paolo Ottoboni.

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  • 2014

    The cut tuk show, a work by and with Martina Cortelazzo (winner of Anticorpi explo) produced by the company is selected to represent Italy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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    Romeo y Julieta Tango is staged, a co-production from the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara, Teatro Verdi of Pisa, Amat, Teatro La Fenice of Senigallia. The same year La Guerra Granda delle Donne debuted, a show conceived and directed by Silvia Bertoncelli, costumes by Chiara Defant.

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  • 2016

    The Lovers makes its debut in Vicenza with the co-production of the Classical Shows Festival of the Olympic Theater. Choreography by Silvia Bertoncelli and Luciano Padovani. The show is presented in an itinerant version inside the Palladian Basilica. The audience will be divided into two groups, men and women, who will then meet during the show.

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    En tus ojos - Piazzolla Tango arrives in Florence for its debut at the Florence Dance Festival. The same year the show Oro d’oremade its debut in Vicenza, co-produced by the Biblico festival and with the choreography of Silvia Bertoncelli.

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  • 2018

    the company celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in Vicenza by presenting a series of shows in Vicenza with some national premieres, a national convention and numerous meetings with operators and the public. The same year NavenevaKids made its debut, a special project that choreographer Silvia Bertoncelli created for a cast of 13 very young dancers aged between 8 and 12, co-production of the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

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    Cenere Cenerentola co-production of the Toscana Spettacolo Foundation and Network Dance Festival. Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani sets by Mauro Zocchetta, costumes by Lucia Lapolla, lights by Thomas Heuger.

    The company wins the Danza Urbana XL 2019 competition from the Antibody Network with the work Oro d’ore by Silvia Bertoncelli. Also by Silvia Bertoncelli the diptych Alaska|Chopin, Van Beethoven making its debut at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, co-production Festival Danza in Rete and Festival Lasciateci Sognare.

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  • 2020

    In July, despite the long lockdown, the Visioni di Danza festival kicks off, involving the municipalities of Vicenza and Schio, twelve companies, twenty-four dance evenings. A Museum for you debuts in August, an event created for the Chiericati Museum in Vicenza / Festival Visioni di danza.

    In September 4Solos 4Women co-production Hangartfest choreographies by Luciano Padovani, Jorge Jakas and Michal Mualem, costumes by Lucia Lapolla lights by Thomas Heuger, debuts. In December the company is among the protagonists of the New Year's Concert promoted by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

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    The site-specific triptych Night Wolves (quintet), Prélude (trio), Pezzi Fragili (duo) debuts at the Visioni di Danza Festival which continues its journey involving numerous municipalities in the province of Vicenza. In August, People created by Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani for Dacru, our associated artists, debuts in Freidrichshafen (D).

    Do you want to take a coffee? debuts in September. Urban dance performance/event created for the ViOff festival in Vicenza. In December the company debuts at the Teatro Comunale Mario del Monaco in Treviso with Tango Gala created for the Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

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  • 2022

    Othello Tango debuts at the Estate Teatrale Veronese Festival / creation of tango and dance for twelve dancers with choreography by Luciano Padovani. Stabat, quintet is presented as a national premiere and co-production of the AbanoDanza festival at the Villa Bassi Museum (Abano Terme) by the choreographer Luciano Padovani. Jules debuts in co-production at the Artfest Festival (Venosa/Puglia) with Giuseppe Morello and Alice Carrino. The day when I chose to be a daughter is the new work by Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani which is presented as a national premiere and co-production at the AbanoDanza festival. Visioni di danza, a festival that takes place in the summer in some places in the province of Vicenza, continues its path becoming a national reference for urban dance. DANCE'nPOETRY is the 'traveling' laboratory that Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani have proposed in some Italian cities

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    Triple Bill is a production that bears the signature of prestigious international choreographers: Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo (Switzerland), Sharon Fridman (Spain/Israel) and Noa Zuk (Israel) debuts at the AbanoDanza festival in collaboration with the Centro Servizi S. Chiara of Trento . UnderWater / quartet. National premiere and co-production of the Acqui Festival in Palcoscenico choreography by Jessica D'Angelo who also signs the new solo Transitum/ Ire (national premiere in Abano Terme and co-production of the AbanoDanza festival). Le tango des malfaiteurs is the new creation of Luciano Padovani who returns to investigate love relationships through the language of dance theatre. The company continues its commitment to supporting young choreographers by producing Elisa Spina's new work, Fioritura. With the collaboration of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, a laboratory (pilot project) is proposed based on the idea of ​​the professors. Mauro Zocchetta and Patrizia Lovato "Artistic anatomy workshop in movement".