Othello Tango (2022)

Notes of the show<>

For twelve dancers

“Beware of jealousy, my lord!
It is a green-eyed monster that delights in the food it eats.”

W. Shakespeare / Othello

After the resounding success of Romeo y Julieta Tango, the company returns to explore through the language of dance and tango one of its best known Shakespeare texts. We will bring Othello Tango on stage with a cast of twelve dancers (Italian and Argentine).


Concept, choreography and direction Luciano Padovani
set designer Mauro Zocchetta
costumes Chiara Defant
original music Carlo Carcano
lights Thomas Heuger

Co-production Shakespearean Festival / Estate Teatrale Veronese

in collaboration with Festival Abano Danza / Festival Visioni di Danza
With the support of MIC / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza / Arco Danza

Other co-productions / collaborations being defined