A Museum for you

Notes of the show<>

Museums, architectural spaces or places of art are enriched with new experiences and become the location of a show where five dancers, coming from national and European experiences, reinterpret the concept of ‘work of art’. A traveling show that the company adapts and rethinks for each place, audience, theme.

An event that will give every spectator the opportunity to experience the ‘museum’ and ‘show’ experience in a special and unique way.
The project that can be proposed several times throughout the day.

Variable duration of the event (20-30-40 minutes)


Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani
Dancers: Alice Beatrice Carrino, Jessica D'Angelo, Roberta Piazza, Alice Risi, Elisa Spina
Music by H. Purcell, M. Weinberg, B. Britten, H. Guðnadóttir, S. Tuur
Light designer: Thomas Heuger
Costumes: Lucia Lapolla

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production
Coproduced by Festival Visioni di Danza2020
With the support of Mibac / Regione Veneto / Arco Danza / Comune di Vicenza


Technical details<>

Concept and choreography by Luciano Padovani
Production 2020
Duration: 20-30-40 minutes
Staff: 5 dancers  and 1 technician
Tout public
Site specfic indoor / outdoor / museum spaces and places of art