Notes of the show<>

Three women. Three archetypal figures who gradually wear themselves out. Three ways to highlight the intrinsic power that each holds.

When the system of forces becomes unbearable, they rely on their body weight and its breathing. They walk at a pace between the times, embrace a common heritage and reuniting with the profound wisdom of instinctual nature they sing together. Women guardians of cyclicality by nature. A shared act that is an invitation to another way of being present.


Concept, choreography and dance Elisa Spina
Choreography and dance Olimpia Fortuni
Choreography and dance Valeria Alvarado Mejia
Drama consultant Chiara Dello Iacovo
Costumes Stefania Cempini

Thanks to Lorella Modesti

Production Compagnia Naturalis Labor
Co-production AbanoDanza Festival 2023
With the support of MiC / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza
With the collaboration Teatro LaCucina former psychiatric hospital Paolo Pini

Technical details<>

A creation by Elisa Spina
Production 2023
Duration: 50 minutes
Staff: 3 dancers and 1 technician
Stage theater / site specific outdoor and indoor