Forti in scena Festival

Forti in Scena Festival, born from an idea of ​​Luciano Padovani and his friend and historian of the Great War dr. Mauro Passarin, has represented over the years (from 2004 to 2015) an important moment of rediscovery of the Veneto region and its history. The festival had as its main partner the Veneto Region and the numerous provinces and municipalities of the region that supported this project to enhance the territory and its historical heritage. The places of the Great War were therefore the protagonists and locations of dance, music and theater performances during the summer seasons.

Artistic director  Luciano Padovani 
Historical consultancy dr. Mauro Passarin 

Supported by Veneto Region, Province of Vicenza, Province of Belluno, Province of Venice, Province of Treviso, Province of Verona, Municipalities of Vicenza, Asiago, Valli del Pasubio, Roana, Rotzo, Gallio, Recoaro, Arsiero, Tonezza, Arsiè, Cibiana del Cadore , Belluno, Venice, Nervesa della Battaglia, ....