Piazzolla Tango

Notes of the show<>

It is a troubled Piazzolla that the choreographer Luciano Padovani tells us, pursued by his own thoughts. Persecuted by his own notes. There is all the ambiguity of his life lived in the balance between tradition and innovation. There is his vision of tango, music, life.
Many applauses for this show that has fascinated and fascinated the european public.

After the show it is possible to arrange a “Milonga” in the theatre foyer for those who are keen on tango

Duration 65 minutes 


Choreography and direction by Luciano Padovani
Tango choreograph: Silvio Grand
With  Jessica, D’Angelo, Loredana De Brasi, Samuele Fragiacomo, Elisa Mucchi, Roland Kapidani, Roberta Morselli, Mirko Paparusso, Walter Suquia

Tango music live performed by Cuarteto Tipico Tango Spleen / Mariano Speranza piano and direction / Francesco Bruno bandoneon / Fatma Muhlim violin / Vanessa Matamoros doublebass
Set designer: Mauro Zocchetta
Costume designer: Lucia Lapolla
Light designer: Thomas Heuger

A Naturalis Labor production
Co-produced by Florence Dance Festival
With the support of MIC / Regione Veneto / Arco Danza / Comune di Vicenza



Intense debut at the Vicenza Municipal of the work of Naturalis Labor. An Astor Piazzolla seen through his man's eyes. A man alone haunted by small obsessions and a deep desire to free himself from his skin, to flee far away. The theatrical dramaturgy of the choreographies, conceived by Luciano Padovani with the intervention of Silvio Grand for tango steps, emphasizes the style of the performers ...
The effective alternation between live music and the original arias of Carlo Carcano enliven couple dances that identify Piazzolla's constant nightmare for his genius, led to devastating suffering.
Davide Fiore / Giornale di Vicenza

Different but permeated suggestions of the same nostalgia come from Ent tus Ojos, Padovani's latest work presented at the Teatro Comunale. Show for eight dancers accompanied live by the Typical Quartet tango Spleen live. En tus Ojos is inspired by the life of Astor Piazzolla, described by the choreographer in his most troubled place. His Piazzolla is a persecuted man of music, imprisoned in a dark raincoat, segregated in incommunicability. The scene is grim and the falling of the sky of silhouettes of coats stiffened like skeletons of dead souls do not bode redemptions. Absorbed in an unreal world of inner sounds, Piazzolla tries in vain to break through the dances of others. He sneaks between tango dancers, tries to be consoled by a bewitching woman in white.
Maria Luisa Buzzi / Danza & danza

Technical details<>

A creation by Luciano Padovani
Duration 65 minutes without interval
Staff: 8 dancers, 1 technician / on request live music 4 musicians
Tout public
For stage theater and outdoor stages