Le Tango des Malfaiueturs

Notes of the show<>

“Le tango des malfaiteurs” is an ironic and witty show about the human complications of relationships and love.

Five characters meet in a place/non-place, a realistic metaphor of different humanity in transit: the young adventurer, the seducer, the femme fatale, the immature young woman, the ugly one... human types through which one builds on the stage, step by step, a loving experience made of glances, escapes and chases. He loves her... but she loves another... and so in a whirlwind of different emotions the alphabet of a lively, vigorous and expressive dance theatre, merges with the language of Argentine tango, becoming a synthesis and mimesis of the complications and contradictions of 'Love.

“In the new show Le tango des malfaiteurs Luciano Padovani manages to summarize the realistic background of love experiences which, at every age, prove fascinating in their different and often antithetical aspects. In a space used for circulation, exchange, communication, the emotions aroused by the meeting of the characters on stage are all combined in the present time, in a continuous game of recognitions and confusions, idealizations and disappointments that generate chaos, tenderness, passion, melancholy, disappointment... and a regenerating ending that puts everything into perspective. “You don't make tragedies for anything or anyone”, Luciano Padovani seems to be saying… that after all the world is all “a big puppet”

Duration: 50 minutes


Creation by Luciano Padovani
dancers Umberto Gesi, Elisa Mucchi, Roberta Piazza, Ayelen Sanchez, Walter Suquia
Light designer Thomas Heuger
Costumes Chiara Defant

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production
With the collaboration of Circuito Sicilia Danza / Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara (Tn)
With the support of Ministry of Culture / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza


Technical details<>

Creation 2023 for five tangueros dancers
site specific version possible
Data sheet adaptable according to space
genre: tango dance show / funny, poetic, ironic 
It is possible to organize a tango/dance workshop before the show and a milonga for enthusiasts after the show