Triple Bill

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Israeli choreographer Sharon Fridman created the sextet “Hasta Cuàndo” for the dancers of Naturalis Labor Company, which explores love relationships through a compositional mode that generates multiple sensations.

Israeli choreographer Noa Zuk created “Take 2”, a duet that bears the imprint of years of work with the prestigious Batsheva Company.

“ONA”, which means 'She' in Polish, is the title signed by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo for four dancers. The alchemy of this collective goes from harmony to revolt, revealing the freedom, power and inventiveness of women.



Choreography  Marco Cantalupo e Katarzyna Gdaniec
Dancers Jessica D’Angelo, Vittoria Franchina, Alice Risi, Elisa Spina

Choreography  Noa Zuk
Dancers Alice Risi, Luca Parolin

Choreography Sharon Fridman
Dancers Raphael Candela, Jessica D’Angelo, Vittoria Franchina, Giuseppe Morello, Luca Parolin, Mirko Paparusso

Co-production AbanoDanza Festival 2023
With the support of the Ministry of Culture / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza / Arco Danza
With the collaboration of Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara
Under the patronage of the Embassy of Israel



An international triptych

When thirty-five years ago Luciano Padovani founded Naturalis Labor in Vicenza he undoubtedly had in mind an auteur company in the field of contemporary dance with his creations at its centre. Since then many works have followed together with titles dedicated to Argentine tango, his second passion that has grown over the years. Now a further perspective seems to be opening up for the company: Padovani has had heart attacks to include works by other international authors in the repertoire with creations and adaptations of pre-existing pieces. Thus giving opportunities for growth to its interpreters and at the same time acquiring new spaces on the national market. A new course for Naturalis Labor coincided with the debut at the AbanoDanza Festival - of which Padovani is also artistic director - of Triple Bill, a critic of works signed by the Israelis Noa Zuk and Sharon Fridman and the choreographers of the Swiss Compagnie Linga Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo. A great challenge, faced with courage by the eight dancers who entered in record time in the different stylistic figures starting from the singular contact-improvisation of Fridman, passing through the Gaga of Zuk and the more formal movement language of the Gdaniec-Cantalupo couple.

Opens Ona, lei in Polish, female quartet taken from the show of the same name originally for seven performers by Gdaniec-Cantalupo in which Jessica D'Angelo, Vittoria Franchina, Alice Risi, Elisa Spina in white dresses try to restore that synchrony in which their personalities of assertive women should reverberate to unleash strength and spirit of revolt on the beating minimalist percussive music. Their dance is intense, at times poetic, but rehearsals are still needed for the quartet to find the harmony of forms required by the piece whose magnetic aura also comes from the achievement of impeccable unisons.

Original creation for the company the central cameo Take 2 by Noa Zuk on the global musical collage by Ohad Fishof in which Alice Risi and Luca Parolin find the way for an instinctive, tender and unpredictable couple dialogue very well executed.

They cross the stage from behind, embracing each other with a rhythmic walk before breaking up into three couples Raphael Candela, Jessica D'Angelo, Vittoria Franchina, Giuseppe Morello, Luca Parolin, Mirko Paparusso in Hasta Cuando? by Fridman. Evolution and triplication of the revelation-duet Hasta Donde? created way back in 2011 by the Israeli choreographer active in Spain. Playing with irony on the title, from Fino a Dove? to Until when? to be understood as the author's question on the resistance to time of his piece, Fridman finds the key to bringing into the bodies of the dancers of Naturalis Labor that dynamic tension in which the contact, the unusual grips become a fascinating game of exchanges, leading to the extreme consequences feelings of union and separation, ties and games of strength.

Maria Luisa Buzzi Danza&Danza