Night Wolves

Notes of the show<>

The energy and intensity unleashed in this Night Wolves evoke the strength of the pack. A pack of men or wolves?


choreography and concept Luciano Padovani
by and with Alice Carrino, Jessica D'Angelo, Giuseppe Morello, Roberta Piazza, Andrea Rizzo
costumes Lucia Lapolla
music J.S. Bach, E. Holm, R. Sakamoto

duration 15 minutes


Co-production Visions of Dance Festival 2021
With the support of Mic / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza
Co-financed through the 2021 Culture Call / Project 'Vicenza beyond Covid: with culture we start again'



... with all five dancers on stage, very valuable on a technical level and engaging on the expressive level. There is no "one" story here but "the" story: our being animals, beyond social and cultural superstructures, wolves in the night, between outbursts of aggression and moments of bewilderment, the need for care and protection. Beautiful physicality, skilful use of space, great choral understanding and, above all, a successful balance between dancers and spectators, in a game of linked roles, references and reflections that enhance the meaning of Padovani's work. Applause from the audience who followed the show sitting on the grass
Alessandra Agosti / Il Giornale di Vicenza