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People, which in English means people, is a deep and secret analysis - in a few moments perhaps seraphic - of the contours of human beings, members of a race that in contemporary society is increasingly exposed to a fictitious contact, made up of sharing. photographic, of judgments, of liking, of following and status, invented and proportionally more and more limited - often exiled - to a social solitude.

Dacru is a group that 'transforms' the language of hip hop dance by combining it through contemporary dance and performing art. The group, often a guest at international festivals and reviews, has for some years been one of the realities associated with Naturalis Labor.

Prémière Friederichshafen (D), 11 august 2021


Concept Marisa Ragazzo and  Omid Ighani
dancers Davide Angelozzi, Elda Bartolacci, Graziana Marzìa, Jenny Mattaioli, Alessandra Ruggeri, Afshin Vajavandi
Light Designer Giuseppe Filipponio