Pezzi Fragili

Notes of the show<>

Fragile pieces was born almost of instinct. Two people are close and ready for a hypothetical journey.
A profound sharing, two unknown people who realize how important one is for the other. An emotional, subtle, poetic piece.


Concept and choreography Luciano Padovani
with Roberta Piazza and Andrea Rizzo
costumes Lucia Lapolla
music J. Beving, R. Sakamoto,P. Broderick
lights Thomas Heuger

duration: 22 minutes

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production With the production support of the Municipality of Vicenza as part of the 'Vicenza beyond Covid: culture starts again' With the support of Ministry of Culture / Veneto Region / Arco Danza



Through the alphabet of an expressive and impactful theater-dance, Roberta Piazza and Andrea Rizzo therefore tell, in 'Fragile Pieces' a love story but, even more, a story of humanity: on stage our being all in journey and that sudden, perhaps unexpected but at the same time sought, mmoment in which two gazes meet, bind and bind us, making us essential for each other, falling and getting up, getting lost and finding ourselves,
but always essential. ... Alessandra Agosti The Journal of Vicenza

Technical details<>

Creation 2021 The show can be proposed in both theatrical and site specific versions.
Our company can propose the show within an evening with other creations of the company (solos, duets, trios, quintets).
We usually offer it with the Night Wolves (quintet) and Prèlude (trio) creations.