Kaze Mononoke / Dacru

Notes of the show<>

5 cm per second: it’s the speed of cherry blossom falling on the ground.

Their pale colour and the their short existence are symbols of fragility but, at the same time, of extreme beauty. Between the end of March and the beginning of April, in Tokyo, is celebrated  the hanami,  the contemplation of the sakura. The blossoming of cherry trees enchants human beings who, enraptured, let the frail petals pushed by the wind fall on them. An enchantment  to tell and, above all, to live. Wind and petals:  this is what the narration is about.

Kaze Mononokeis splitted up into four chapters, focused on different moments of human life, on petals and on wind (Kaze) that shakes, pushes and caresses them. The beginning is Hanamiand the journey is backwards, on the discovery of white and quiet winter memories, of distressing and melancholic autumn that colours everything with red and yellow and of bright summertime, sore and loaded with cicadas singing. It is a poetic, soft novel that dancers write on the scene, a white and essential space, where, caressed by a constant breeze, they keep on changing  themselves continuously and rapidly. This is what the wind does: it pushes everything to move, even feelings and moods.

The technical language of dancers contributes to create a fantastic connection of eye cheating, switching, as few could do, from hip hop theatre, to contemporary dance, to the most extreme and innovat0.ive artistic codes. Their bodies, just as their minds, live what happens behind them: the projection of images, thought as a mute voice telling, describing and underlining life, either of a petal or of a feeling.

The DaCru project gets started in 1996, with the artistic joint venture between Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani, the most representative choreographers in the Italian urban dance scene. The experimentation of mixing urban dance and theatre, thought as physical space, which was at the time totally unknown to street culture, actually takes its origin. In this marginal land, the two choreographers bring a new path for hip hop theatre to life, extending to anything hip hop contamination may involve, blending the hip hop technical gesture together with house dance, contemporary dance, jazz rock and innovative breaking. Suitable for any public.

Duration 60 minutes


Choreography by Marisa Ragazzo and  Omid Ighani
Musical editing: Omid Ighani
Visual Artist:  Samar Khorwash
Music: I Monsters, Bon Iver, Boards Of Canada, Steve Reich, Burial,Apparat, Radiohead, René Aubry, Unkle, Ólöf Arnalds
Light designer  Gianluca Cappelletti
Organization: Alessandra Pagni

Kaze Mononoke has been performed here:
Roma (Ara Pacis Museum / Zetema Progetto Cultura and Roma Capitale), Teatro Alighieri Ravenna (Opera and Dance Season), Teatro Comunale Pavarotti Modena, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza (Dance Season), Teatro Ponchielli Cremona (Dance Season), Teatro Nuovo Napoli (Quelli che la danza), Teatro Verdi Pisa (Dance Season), Teatro Sociale Bergamo (Festival Danza Estate), Teatro degli Industri Grosseto (Dance Season– Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo), Teatro delle Arti Lastra a Signa (FI - Resi_Dance/Compagnia Simona Bucci/Adac), Teatro Greco Roma, Teatro Camploy Verona, Piazza Duomo Spoleto, Teatro Sociale Biella, Palazzo dei Congressi Riccione, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi Firenze, Teatro Artemisio Velletri, Biella Danza (Foundation Live Piemonte dal Vivo).



A magical show, from the contemplation of which Kaze Mononoke by the choreographer Marisa Boy takes its cue, at the Comunale with her DaCruDance Company for the debut of the" Places ". A poetic image is the food for thought of this author who visited dance in its various forms, before being "dazzled" by hip hop, that urban style that from the "below" imposed itself on the public, fascinating the young more lively and heterogeneous neighborhoods of metropolises around the world. It is a free style, but daring, technically complex and interpreted with full mastery by the dancers of his DaCruDance in sixty minutes of performance that knows no pauses, fluid and airy, lively and intense between isolations and twists, jumps that seem like temporal suspensions and ticks. mechanics of decomposed and recomposed figures. ... The applause of a very attentive audience could only have been intense.
Clelia Stefani / Il Giornale di Vicenza


Kaze Mononoke is a fascinating almost dreamlike gallery of creatures that meet and leave each other, like petals carried by the wind ... Immersed in the glow of a scenic white where animated visions outline their world in a few strokes ... what really surprises and strikes is the dance style created by the choreographers Marisa Boy and Omid Ighani… which today has reached a more than convincing maturity. … A new dance language…
Rossella Battisti, Danza & Danza n ° 251

Spring. The petals fall from the cherry trees and become dance. So at the Verdi Theater on Wednesday evening it turns out that even Hip Hop, a street culture born in the streets of New York, can become poetry.
Valeria Caldelli, The Nation

When a theatrical show is sold out it is always exciting, if then to fill the room is an audience of young and very young people it is even more exciting. And this is what happened on Saturday 8 March at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples as part of the review "Quelli che la danza 2014" with Kaze Mononoke, a show by the DaCru Dance Company. ... Both in love with extreme experimentation and the contamination of styles and languages, Marisa Boy and Omid Ighani create an unusual choreographic dimension. They love speed, technical virtuosity, the fusion of the theatrical space with the artistic code of the street, from which they draw the thrust towards art in its various aspects. And all this is found in the choreography presented at the Nuovo. You are the dancers on stage (all good). Lots of applause.    
Raffaella Tramontano, Campanadidanza

Technical details<>


Trellis at least 9m high
dance stage with white box: width 12m, depth 10m
minimum dimensions width 10m, depth 8m 
WHITE pvc dance floor 
German white wings squashed on both sides
10 WHITE wings in fabric 3m (width) x 8m (height) or 2 white backdrops in fabric
1 PVC backdrop for video projection 10 m (width) x 8m (height) WHITE COLOR
n ° 4 WHITE fabric ceilings 12m (width) x 2m (height)