Transitum Ire

Notes of the show<>

Change is inherent in man. Everything changes.

The body, nature with the passing of the seasons, life itself and its evolutionary cycles. The mountains that have been eroded by wind and atmospheric phenomena over the centuries change. Nobody is immune. Nothing stays the same forever.

The work starts from the need to explore a condition of transit through the body. A succession of physical changes, where the body stretches, explodes, implodes, always in search of balance. Time flows and space changes, in search of oneself, one's place, one's truth. Life itself is a transit.

Change is evolution.


Concept, choreography and costumes Jessica D'Angelo
Music Craven Faults and Hélène Vogelsinger
Light design Giacomo Casadei

Co-production AbanoDanza Festival 2023
With the support of MiC / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza
With Visioni di Danza Festival