Plonter / Solo

Notes of the show<>

This work deals with feelings of “loss”, feelings inherent in the impossibility of moving from a certain life condition or its insistent repetition even when it seems that we are “proceeding” on our own path. But he also explores the beauty inherent in living and the fragility of the “moment”.

Duration 20 minutes


By and with Michal Mualem (Israel)

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production
Coproduced by Hangartfest 2020
With the support of Mibac / Veneto Region / Arco Danza / Municipality of Vicenza

Technical details<>

With and by Michal Mualem (Israel)
Production 2020
Staff: 1 dancer + 1 technician
Tout public
For stage theatre / site specific outdoors and indoors in unconventional spaces
Complete video of the show available on request