John / Solo

Notes of the show<>

A piece that explores, through the thought of Roland Barthes, the love universe understood as ‘momentum’.

Duration 18 minutes


Choreography and direction by Jorge Jakas
Dancer: Jessica D'Angelo
Costumes: Lucia Lapolla
Set design: Mauro Zocchetta
Light designer: Thomas Heuger

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production
Coproduced by Hangartfest 2020
With the support of Mibac / Veneto Region / Arco Danza / Municipality of Vicenza


Technical details<>

A creation by Jorge Jakas
Production  2020
Staff: 1 dancer + 1 technician
Tout public
For stage theatre / site specific outdoors and indoors in unconventional spaces
Complete video of the show available on request