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Silvæ relies on a fragrance: Fleur de peau. Its smell and its name elicited an irresistible lure that combines the eroticism of the skin and woods. There it can be perceived the tragic presence of Diana and Acteon in a dance full of excitement. A diquieting combination of innocence and guile.

Duration 20 minutes


Direction and choreography: Silvia Bertoncelli
With: Silvia Bertoncelli, Sara Cavalieri, Jessica D’Angelo, Mirko Paparusso, Paolo Ottoboni
Original music and voice: Paolo Ottoboni
Costumes: Silvia Bertoncelli
Picture: Benedetta Folena

A production by Compagnia Naturalis Labor
With the support of Mibac / Regione Veneto / Comune di Vicenza / Arco Danza