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The tango is a witch, literature, music and dance tell us so. From Buenos Aires to western and eastern metropolises. And with increasing frequency, among the choreographers of the latest generations, it mixes with contemporary dance. It happens in Argentina as in Europe, thanks to migrations, travels, exchanges. And so Luciano Padovani starts from the tango and from one of his places of worship to create a story of today.

Tango is a ritual: it is the ritual of a tribe. Women who wait and wink, men who observe, attentively, their every move. A tribe, with its rules, initiations, body language, looks and words.


Creation by Luciano Padovani
dancers Umberto Gesi, Elisa Mucchi, Roberta Piazza, Ayelen Sanchez, Walter Suquia
Light designer Thomas Heuger
Costumes Lucia Lapolla
set design Mauro Zocchetta

A Compagnia Naturalis Labor production
With the collaboration of Circuito Sicilia Danza
With the support of Ministry of Culture / Veneto Region / Municipality of Vicenza / Arco Dance

Co-productions under definition