Jessica D'angelo


Jessica D'Angelo began her studies at the age of 14 at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, studying with international artists, including: Zarko Prebil, Clarissa Mucci, Corinne Anastasio, Brunella Vidau, Joseph Fontano, Fara Grieco, Roberth North, Cristina Caponera, Elisabet Sjostrom, Ismael Ivo, Marica Zannettino . In 2013, she participated in the Biennale College in Venice directed by Virgilio Sieni, and studied with meastro David Zambrano. She studies with Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, Jorge Crecis , Sara Wookey. From 2012 to 2015 she worked as a dancer for Susanna Beltrami's Company (MI) and for the Dancehaus Company. Since 2013 she has been a member of Luciano Padovani's Company Naturalis Labor (VI). She works for choreographer Silvia Bertoncelli taking part in site-specific and theatrical performances. In 2017 she joined Monica Casadei's Company Artemis Danza (PR) dancing all over the world. In 2018 she works for Robert Wilson at the Teatro Farnese in Parma. Since 2021 she has been collaborating as a performer with the Company Societas Raffaello Sanzio.
She takes part in Romeo Castellucci's IL TERZO REICH, choreographed by Gloria Dorliguzzo. In 2022 she worked as a dancer and choreography assistant for the new creation "Othello Tango" by Luciano Padovani. She dances in the duet 'Falk Tales', choreographed by Gloria Dorliguzzo.
In 2023 she made her debut in the new project 'Triple bill' of the Naturalis Labor Company, working with international choreographers, Sharon Fridman, Marco Cantalupo and Katarzyna Gdaniec (Linga Company). She dances for the Linga Company.

Since 2018 she has been a young choreographer, signing the creation of the shows: αgluten, α-binary, INTRO, ALFA.
Winner of the Contemporary Showcase Vuoti d'Aria May 2018 with the first studio Gluten free. Participated in the 2021 edition of New Trajectories XL / Action Network Antibodies XL. Participated in the training course for authors organised by the festival Danza Urbana (BO). In 2022 he created and danced the solo TRANSITUM/IRE for the Compagnia Naturalis Labor. In 2023 she debuted with the project UNDERWATER, a site-specific female quartet, in which she is performer and choreographer for the Company Naturalis Labor.
She is a contemporary dance teacher at the Padova Danza school, and collaborates as a teacher in the professional training course supported by the Ministry of Culture in Padova Danza Project. She has been assistant choreographer for Cristina Rizzo, Emanuela Tagliavia, Ariella Vidach .