Diego Dall'Osto


He completed academic studies in Organ (1983), Composition (1986) and Electronic Music (1996). He obtained his PhD in psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007). He has obtained recognition and prizes at national and international composition competitions, including: I.C.O.N.S. (1986, Turin), Gino Contilli (1989, Messina), City of Spittal Award (1990, Austria), “Bourges International Competitions (1996 and 2009, France),“ Musica 2000 “(2000 Rome).

He writes vocal, instrumental, electronic and mixed music; deals with musical computer science applied to composition, with special interest in the sound-image relationship and interactivity. He is active in the creation of concert music, musical theater, opera and dance, as well as stage music; collaborates with Italian and foreign choreographers and theater directors, in national and international productions.

For several decades he has accompanied the compositional activity with the didactic activity. He is currently professor at the Vicenza Conservatory of Music.