Compagnia Naturalis Labor

Oro d'Ore

Echoes from a present yet to come

Love and truth will meet; justice and peace shall kiss.
This verse of Psalm 85, which the Jewish people declare returning from the Babylonian exile, is at the same time a plea and a promise for a time yet to come, without any assurance as to when, if and how that time will become ever present.

Yet our patience will not be vain if it can keep the glimmer of a light that always comes from somewhere else than the “here and now”. These precious moments are the gold of hours, the imponderable value of our presence, the excess to take care of as the pilgrim in The Book of Hours by Rilke does.

Oro d’ore, a short form performance, explores the idea of an exodus, of the fragmentary and sometimes illuminating pathways of a human community with the ear turned towards the echoes of a present yet to come.

Oro d'Ore

Regia e coreografie: Silvia Bertoncelli

Danzano: Silvia Bertoncelli, Valentina Dal Mas, Jessica D’Angelo, Paolo Ottoboni, Francesco Pacelli

Costumi: Chiara Defant
Immagini: Paolo Degan

Una produzione: Compagnia Naturalis Labor In collaborazione con il Festival Biblico 2016

Con il sostegno di: MIBACT/Regione Veneto/Provincia di Vicenza/Comune di Vicenza/Arco Danza

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