Compagnia Naturalis Labor

En tus ojos
Tango a Piazzolla

I know myself as a symphony, I feel the heartbeat, the rhythm of tango. It persecutes me, it chases me, it seeks me and it asks me. To create I destroyed myself; I externalized myself inside of me …I did not exist within me except externally. I’m the living scene on which various characters play dramas. En tus ojos, in your eyes, I see the passion, I look at the horizon, I can imagine the music. Are you my muse or my torment? I always want to stay in another place, far from here.

Do not ask me why I create, I’m wondering why I exist.

Once again, after La Catedral and the recent and applauded Romeo y Julieta Tango, Luciano Padovani and his ballet company return to propose a show where dance and tango merge in a single language to tell Piazzolla and his music. It is a troubled Piazzolla, followed by his own thoughts. Pursued by his own notes.
There is all the ambiguity of his life, lived in balance between tradition and innovation. There is his vision of tango and music. There is his desire to stay always in another place in the world. A paper boat "appears" at the beginning of the show on his desk, representing his desire to "emigrate”.

Piazzolla Tango

Choreography and direction: Luciano Padovani
Tango choreography: Silvio Grand

with Stefano Babboni, Jessica D'Angelo, Loredana De Brasi, Silvio Grand, Roberta Morselli, Roland Kapidani, Elisa Mucchi, Mirko Paparusso

Tango music live performed by Cuarteto Tipico Tango Spleen
Mariano Speranza, piano and direction
Francesco Bruno, bandoneon
Andrea Marras, violin
Daniele Bonacini, doublebass

Costume Designer Lucia Lapolla
Light designer Claudio Modugno

A Naturalis Labor production

Co-produced by
Florence Dance Festival

with the support of Mibact / Regione Veneto / Arco Danza / City of Vicenza