Compagnia Naturalis Labor

Noche tanguera

The great tango for eight tangueros with live music

The success of the show “Noche Tanguera” continues throughout Italy: Siena, Verona, Bergamo, La Versiliana, Trieste, Ancona, Vicenza, Loreto… Luciano Padovani brings tango back on stage, the real tango, the original one but- as usual- with a difference: new theatrical and dramaturgic ideas that for years have been typical of his work as a choreographer. An old fashion portrait: on stage eight tangueros, other “apparently” motionless objects- chairs, ropes, lamps and a wardrobe… wonder, irony, “coups de theatre”. Passion.

Sold out in many italian theatres

Length: 70 minutes without break


Luciano Padovani

Marcelo Ballonzo, Elena Garis, Luciano Padovani, Sandhya Nagaraya (dancer and voice), Tobias Bert, Loredana De Brasi, Sebastian Romero and Claudia Sorgato

Possible intenational guests: Roberto Reis y Natalia Lavandeira

Live music
Marco Fabbri (bandoneon), Stefano Gavazzi (piano), Cristiana Bertoli (flute)

Lighting design: Pablo Luz
Set Design: Nathalie Rose
Costume Design: Le Chat Noir

Produced by Naturalis Labor Company

Supported by Italian Ministry of Culture and by Arco Danza, Regione Veneto, Comune di Vicenza, Comune di Comacchio


Great success for the third appointment with the Veronese theatrical summer season in the sold out Old Market Courtyard…
Luciano Padovani’s “Noche Tanguera” is enchanting…
the result is a refined elegance from the first scene, live music by the mostly appreciated ensemble “Lumière de tango”

A. Galetto, Arena di Verona

Noche Tanguera with its true heart. Big success in Vicenza for the new production of the company Naturalis Labor. The dancer and choreographer offers authenticity together with his creative ideas…and the stage becomes a milonga.

A. Agosti, Giornale di Vicenza