Compagnia Naturalis Labor

The Lovers

Love is an "ever-fixed mark/ That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;/It is the star to every wandering bark" (Shakespeare, Sonnet 116). But it is also a flame in which the lovers often burn consuming under our eyes what is more alive in the often tragic spectacle of history.

Shakespearean suggestions feed off The lovers, a site-specific performance investigating the tortuous tensions which give spaces, relationships and events an erotic dimension and which become unexpected ground for love. A poetic, raw and sometimes grotesque exploration inside the human being, where sensuality can be grafted in the darkest passions, in the most difficult conditions or in the playful taste of pleasure.

The Lovers

Direction: Luciano Padovani

Choregraphies: Luciano Padovani and Silvia Bertoncelli
Set: Mauro Zocchetta
Costumes: Chiara Defant
Original music: Diego Dall’Osto

Premiére 30 september 1 / 2 october 2016 Basilica Palladiana - Vicenza

A production
Compagnia Naturalis Labor
with Ciclo degli Spettacoli Classici del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza

with the support of
Mibact / Regione Veneto / Arco Danza / Comune di Vicenza / Provincia di Vicenza


The company Naturalis Labor convinced with the show " The Lovers ". In the Basilica Palladiana, the furious love frees sparks of passion. ... "The Lovers", the show produced by Naturalis Labor for the "Conversations" of the Cycle Festival Classical performances of the Vicenza's Olympic Theater, staged in and around the Basilica , brings to the theatre the rage and the sweetness of the tragedies, romances and comedies by Shakespearian lovers ...

Ten talented dancers, intriguing the choreography of Luciano Padovani and Silvia Bertoncelli, thunderous the Public applause. "

Lino Zonin, Vicenza Journal