Compagnia Naturalis Labor

The Great War of Women

A fascinating dance pièce to remember a story still too little known, but full of consequences for our present too: the history of women in the First World War. Those women who helped men like Red Cross nurses, but also those who, with a basket on their back, brought them food, socks and caps. Those who with seduction could turn the tide of a battle and those who in schools educated people to peace. Working in emptied factories and cities, they became aware of their freedom and their ambitions. Those women have forever changed their image and their role for the society.

Love, courage, claims, letters, efforts and support: through dance all this will live again for a moment in evocative historical settings with the accompaniment of an Alpini choir’s chant.


Direction and Choreography Silvia Bertoncelli

With Natascia Belsito, Silvia Bertoncelli, Valentina Dal Mas, Jessica d’Angelo, Chiara Guglielmi e Paolo Ottoboni

Costumes Chiara Defant

Live music Dante Borsetto faccordion

A Naturalis Labor production
In collaboration with Festival Forti in Scena 2015

And with the support of
Mibact / Regione Veneto / Arco Danza / Provincia di Vicenza / Comune di Vicenza 


“The audience of Lessiniafest was deeply moved and the applause was endless. The eyes were bright. This emotion is due to the the memory of those women: they carried the burden of the war".

 Alessandro Anderloni

“A Great War for little women, the History dance”

Clelia Stefani - Giornale di Vicenza