Compagnia Naturalis Labor

La Catedral

A tango and contemporary dance performance for six dancers, six sofas and two hundred and seven shoes.

Tango and contemporary dance meet. La Catedral is a unique show and derives its name from a very old milonga in Buenos Aires. There you’ll find only dust, old memories, passionate tangos and six sofas covered with red velvet whereon the dancers are courting and chasing one another…sometimes the imaginary partner of a tango is the sofa itself. Hundreds of shoes on stage, an intense performance, very nostalgic though ironic at the same time. Here’s the fusion of contemporary and contact dance with tango: a cast of Italian and Argentinean dancers embodying a tango far from the usual cliché and penetrating the soul of this sensuous dance.

“La Catedral is a stage of dancer and choreographer Luciano Padovani’s research upon contemporary dance and tango. Helped by his passion for tango and contact dance, Padovani leads the audience into an unreal place, a long time deserted milonga and tells stories of different encounters: primitive encounters, “paradis perdu”, passionate encounters. The show gives evidence of its strength with its choreographic team games and the constant subversion of the rules of tango (The Codigo Tanguero): playing a game around a sofa, a family portrait while hearing the famous music La Cumparsita or echoing the nostalgic vals of three men. Whoever habitually dances tango or practice it somehow will recognise peculiar situations, memorable intuitions every time in a remarkable balance between tango and dance theatre.”

La Catedral

Project and direction Luciano Padovani
Choreograpy Luciano Padovani
Choreography assistant Silvia Bertoncelli
Tango choreography Luciano Padovani, Marcelo Ballonzo, Elena Garis
Dancers Marcelo Ballonzo, Silvia Bertoncelli, Giannalberto de Filippis, Elena Garis, Luciano Padovani e Luca Zampar
Original music Carlo Carcano
Music of tango Pugliese, Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Bardiscene Mauro Zocchetta
Stage design Mauro Zocchetta
Light design Lucilla Baroni
Assistant Luca Diodato
Video director Luciano Padovani
Cut director Marco Munarini
Costume design Paola Girardi

LA CATEDRAL is commissioned by Festival Oriente Occidente and produced by Naturalis Labor Company

Supported by Arco Danza, Regione Veneto, Comune di Vicenza, Comune di Comacchio and supported by Italian Ministry of Culture

La Catedral

The atmosphere is intense, nostalgic but at the same time full of irony. At the end of the show a marvellous period video finally takes the audience into the magic of the deserted old milonga…nice performance of the naturalis labor company praised by a lengthy applause.

Rosarita Crisafi, Giornale di Vicenza

Period setting with ironical and refined ideas…
we can say that La Catedral is not a tango show but a show about tango…

Alessandra Moro, Arena di Verona